Our Focus

The following initiatives address the issues most adversely affecting students. ASAS inspires students to be healthy, to graduate, to find a career they love, and give back to their community!


Health & Fitness

ASAS recognizes that our students can achieve their personal best in school and in life when they are equipped with the tools to lead healthy, active lifestyles. “More people are developing type 1 and type 2 diabetes during youth, and racial and ethnic minorities continue to develop type 2 diabetes at higher rates. By addressing diabetes, many other related health problems can be prevented or delayed.” (CDC, National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2020)

To combat the rise in youth diabetes and other preventable health problems, ASAS focuses on three aspects of health: exercise, nutritional education, and social emotional learning (SEL). ASAS uses sports activities to connect kids to lessons on leadership, teamwork, resilience, discipline, and gender equality. ASAS partners with organizations that teach kids how to read nutritional labels, how to prepare healthy food, and how to grow an urban garden. ASAS uses proven curriculum to help children develop and apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to understand and manage their emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for others, and establish and maintain positive relationships with others.

Academic Readiness

‘In response to America’s current high school dropout crisis, ASAS launched its We Are Ready program to better prepare our middle school students for success in high school and beyond. Our curriculum targets middle school students who exhibit signs that they are at risk of dropping out, and helps them answer the question: Why does graduating from high school matter?

Career Exploration

Career Exploration Opportunities, or CEO, is a financial literacy, career development and entrepreneurial program created to help students learn to be self-sufficient adults, prepare them for the 21st century economy, and inspire long-term career planning. Students are taught how to budget, save, and spend wisely. CEO connects youth with community leaders and role models from government, business, and the nonprofit sectors to learn 21st century workplace skills.