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Columbus, OH ~ In 2016, WCMH-NBC4 shared a series of stories about confronting youth violence. They worked with Central Ohio communities, organizations and individuals to find ways to stop the violence that is impacting our youth. ASAS Ohio’s afterschool program was highlighted because it helps keep kids safe during peak time of youth violence – 3 to 6 pm.

Schwarzenegger and Paige: Why Congress should keep funding afterschool

Students need more than a strong curriculum, good teachers, and time in the classroom to succeed. Afterschool programs have long known that they can embrace the hours between the
time school closes and parents return from work to provide children, especially those who don’t have access to other activities, with exciting, engaging experiences that will help them learn
academic, social and professional skills. The research is clear: children in quality afterschool programs are more likely to come to school and stay in school, more likely to hand in their work
and get better grades.